VolcanoSpa® Dip System Step 2- Base Coat

Volcano Spa Luxury Nail Dip Powders

The second step in our system is our Base Coat. This is used before dipping in powder; our base glaze allows the powder to adhere to the area applied and maintain long lasting wear.

You have never experienced a healthier manicure and pedicure!

The superior nail system for a beautiful and long lasting manicure and pedicure made with vitamins B5, D and K and is healthier for nails.




Caring for your products is the key to making them last.

Your Volcano Spa Nail Dip Base Coat is the number one necessity in your well-loved dip powder kit! By using these simple steps, you can make sure you’re getting the best use out of your Base Coat and helping it to last until the last drop!


How to care for your Volcano Spa Dip Base Coat:

  • Step #1
    Be sure to always store your Dip Powder Steps in an upright position away from direct sunlight.
  • Step #2
    To use your Volcano Spa Dip Base Coat, begin by applying a layer to your prepped nail bed. You may applying Base Coat to 3/4ths of the nail prior to your first layer of Volcano Spa Nail dip Powder, a hairline away from your cuticle prior to your first dip into your color application or on the entire nail prior to your second dip into your color powder. Gradually applying your dip powder closer to your cuticle with each layer of dip helps to avoid product buildup and lifting!To preserve your Volcano Spa Dip Base Coat, make sure you tap the side of the finger to shake off the excess dip powder on the nail and grab your  Dust Brush to gently dust away the remaining powder as to help avoid your Base Coat brush picking up too much of this product.
  • Step #3
    If you feel your Base Coat brush has any product buildup which you would like to remove, simply place your Base Coat brush inside of your Volcano spa Brush Restorer bottle and give this a few shakes, allowing the brush to sit in the product for about 15 minutes. This will ensure you’re properly cleaning your products and getting long-lasting use from your Volcano Spa Dip Base Coat!
  • Step #4
    Before storing away your Volcano Spa Dip Base Coat, make sure you clean your Base Coat bottle well with acetone. This will help you to avoid product buildup around the lid which could dry making your Base Coat Bottle nearly impossible to open!Has your Base Coat cap gotten stuck? Don’t worry! Simply place your bottle in some warm water to loosen the cap and twist free! Be careful not to twist open the bottle cap before the product has loosened; our bottles are made out of glass and forcing open the bottle could break the neck of the bottle and expose the user to injuries.


Pro Tip: Before returning your Base Coat brush to its bottle, make sure to give it a good wipe with a lint-free cloth to remove any excess product and prevent cross-contamination between your Volcano Spa Nail Dip Steps.


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